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3D Printed PPE

Personal Protective Equipment

Face Shields | Ear Savers

What I am doing

I am doing what I can to help assist the healthcare workers of my local county. I am 3D printing Face Shields and ear savers. The Face Shields are made from PETG and overhead projector films. They are designed by 3D Verkstan are really easy to sanitize. The ear savers are designed for ear lobe masks. They allow the mask to clip together behind your head instead of using your ears. This means the mask is more comfortable and you get a little bit better seal as you can adjust the tension.

How can I help?

Right now my biggest set back is printing time. If you have a 3D printer and would be willing to help print, we can make more PPE devices. Also, each print requires PETG filament, you can help by donating filament when we need it. If you would like to help, please send me an email:

I need PPE!

Fill out the form below. I will send you a few samples to make sure they will meet your needs. If they work for you, we can work out the logistics of your request.



That said, I do ask those requesting PPE to be considerate of others also requesting PPE. The more you request, the longer another person has to wait. Try and request the minimum that you would need.

Where do you serve?

Officially I am serving Pickens County GA and the surrounding area. Unofficially I can ship to you if you can pay shipping costs or try and get you in touch with a local printer.

PPE Request Form